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Babies are generally fragile during the development of strength in their bones and muscles. The Babylove Coconut Fibre Mattress comes in 5 different sizes and is dedicated to provide a solid orthopedic support that is not too hard or soft for a baby’s body, assuring best quality sleep for your baby. Coconut fibres are known for their amazing air-ventilation keeping it constantly cooling for your baby to sleep through without worrying about the natures heat.

Product features:

  • Smooth air ventilation, keeping maximum air flow in and out for a cooling sleep experience for your baby.
  • Polycotton Fabric, guaranteed for their durability while breathable and soft to be slept on.
  • Non-Fluid Absorbency, worry and stress free maintenance process keeping hygiene at top notch as it can be bast under the sun for sterilizing purpose.
  • Elasticity and Durability, long lasting firmness that will not deformed in shape overtime.

Materials and Measurement:

  • Filling: 100% Natural Coconut Fiber
  • Casing: Polycotton Fabric Quilted

3 measurements to choose from:

FM5 – BL2172: 29″ x 40″ x 3″ (74 x 102 x 7.5)cm

FM3 – BL2175: 24″ x 48″ x 3″ (60 x 120 x 7.5)cm

FM1 – BL2177: 28″ x 52″ x 3″ (70 x 130 x 7.5)cm

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 132 × 69 × 8 cm
Mattress Size

2172 (74cm x 102cm), 2174 (60cm x 106cm), 2175 (60cm x 120cm), 2176 (70cm x120cm), 2177 (70cm x130cm)


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