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Make baby bath time Fun again with our 7 In 1 Bath Set which included every bathing essentials that you’ll need for your baby during bathing session. Bath time provides precious bonding time and gives your little one an opportunity to explore. It’s critical for your little one’s cognitive and emotional development. A warm bath does well to soothe your babies and promote a good night’s sleep.

Product features:

Baby Spa Bath Tub With Stopper, is made from great quality Thermoplastic, thus it is extremely durable! Besides, it also comes with a stopper which allowed mommy and daddy to drain the water easily.

Bath Net Stand, enable you to bath your baby stressless, because it allowed your baby to lie on it. It can also let your shoulder more comfortable while bathing your baby, because you no longer need to carry your baby gently while bathing your baby.

Anti-Slip Bath Mat, is made from 100% natural latex, thus it is baby-friendly! It can use in the bath tub to provide your baby double precaution while bathing on the Babylove Bath Net Stand in the bath tub. When baby grow up it can place on the floor and baby stand on it to bath, in order to reduce slippery.

Bath Towel, is made from 100% cotton, thus it is extremely soft, comfortable and baby friendly.

Baby Rinser, can help you to bath your baby more efficiently.

Baby Potty, is able to train your baby how to poopoo and peepee independently.

Bath Stand :

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Dual practicality for bath tub, changing table or clothes drying rack
  • Conveniently fold for storage
  • Save your back from bending while bathing your baby
  • Fit most standard baby bath tubs

Measurement / What’s includes in the set:

0162* Spa Bath Tub: 31.5″ x 19.3″ x 9″ (80 x 49 x 23)cm

2842* Anti-Slip Bath Mat: 17″ x 10″ (43.5 x 25.5)cm

2054* Bath Net Stand: 23.62″ x 10.63″ (60 x 27)cm

0113* Baby Potty: 11″ x 6″ x 8.7″ (28 x 15 x 22)cm

0182* Baby Rinser: 10.63″ x 5.91″ x 4.33″ (27 x 15 x 11)cm

1663* Bath Towel: 20″ x 40″ (50 x 100)cm

0121* Bath Stand: 82cm x 51cm x 55cm / 84cm x 51cm x 50cm / 71cm x 51cm x 63cm

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Dimensions 80 × 47 × 18 cm

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